Why Shapewear Became a TikTok Breakout Product?

Shapewear has seen a surge in popularity recently, due in large part to TikTok. Videos featuring shapewear consistently go viral on the platform, exposing the products to millions of viewers. But why exactly has shapewear struck a chord among TikTok’s young audience? Here’s an in-depth look at the factors that launched shapewear into TikTok fame.

The Power of Influencer Marketing

TikTok is built on influencer culture. Young stars can amass millions of followers who look to them for recommendations on the latest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends. When these influencers showcase shapewear in hauls, tutorials, or casual videos, their legions of fans take note.

In particular, the candid videos common on TikTok have allowed influencers to highlight how shapewear makes them feel confident and sexy. Given that body image issues are painfully common among TikTok’s teen and young adult audience, this messaging clearly resonates.

Influential TikTokers like Remi Bader, Victoria Paris, and Maddie White have all contributed to shapewear’s rise with popular videos. As more influencers hop aboard the shapewear train, the products continue to permeate TikTok culture.

The Products Actually Work

Influencer marketing alone doesn’t spark a true trend. The products being promoted also have to deliver on their promises. With shapewear, TikTokers have discovered the products really do slim, smooth, and enhance your figure just as advertised.

The before and after transformations you can achieve with certain shapewear pieces are remarkable. When real women demonstrate these results on TikTok, it lends major credibility to the products. Shapewear companies frequently repost user-generated content showing dramatic transformations. This organic word-of-mouth marketing makes the products seem like a must-have fashion item.

Enhancing Your Online Image

On TikTok in particular, image is everything. Scoring the most likes and views means looking your best on camera. Shapewear has become a secret weapon for enhancing one’s online image.

The slimming and smoothing effects help TikTokers look their most camera-ready from all angles. Showing off an enviable figure also garners more engagement. And wearing something as transformative as shapewear becomes a talking point itself. Revealing your behind-the-scenes shapewear secret has become a popular video format that fuels curiosity around the products.

Embracing Your Natural Body

While shapewear is designed to enhance and transform, the TikTok community has also embraced the message that you don’t need to change your body. Shapewear has struck a chord because it offers slimming effects instantly and temporarily without diet culture or plastic surgery.

Influencers who may have dealt with body image issues themselves emphasize embracing your natural shape. Shapewear enables women to enhance their assets without drastic measures. Especially after the body positivity movement of recent years, this messaging empowers TikTokers.

Comedy & Creativity

Like all viral TikTok content, shapewear often goes viral because it is humorous, cringy, or downright bizarre. Comedy and creativity set TikTok apart as a platform, so they also help shapewear take off.

Trying on shapewear for the first time lends itself to hilarious reaction videos. The discomfort many pieces cause also make for funny relatable content. TikTok stars have gotten creative with hacks like wearing shapewear backwards or upside down for amusement value alone. This type of comedic content best showcases TikTok as the wild west of social media.

The Joy of Transformation

Even when shapewear videos aren’t overtly comedic, the transformational aspect taps into what users love most about TikTok. The platform is all about radical before and afters, glow-ups, and 360 degree flips. Shapewear delivers that to a tee.

Watching an influencer go from frumpy to bombshell in seconds captures audiences. The joy and surprise of shapewear reveals feel almost magical. This vicarious transformation joy keeps viewers hooked. It also sells the power of shapewear to dramatically boost your look.

Boosting Confidence

Above all, shapewear has taken off on TikTok because of the confidence it instills in women. Feeling sexy and body positive creates an empowering experience that is contagious. When influencers exude pure confidence while wearing shapewear, it’s a persuasive selling point for viewers dealing with body image issues.

Knowing you can instantly smooth lumps and bumps helps create confidence to wear slim fitting or even revealing looks. Shapewear makes women feel like the best versions of themselves. That self-assurance then shines through over TikTok, driving the trend cycle.


What are the most popular TikTok shapewear brands?

Skims is hands down the most viral shapewear brand on TikTok currently. Founder Kim Kardashian and her famous family consistently model the line across social media. Skims cleverly reposts and partners with influencers to further push the products.

Other top brands include Shapermint, Honeylove, Spanx, Yolibr, and Slim Chick. Each label offers an array of bodysuits, bras, shorts, and more focused on tucking, smoothing, and lifting.

What TikTok content trends feature shapewear?

Haul/review videos are hugely popular for showcasing new shapewear finds. Try-on videos that reveal before and after transformation are also massive hits. Taking shapewear out of the packaging videos satisfy ASMR cravings. And dance/transition videos allow TikTokers to show their shapewear in action.

Who wears shapewear?

Shapewear was originally most popular with older generations. But thanks to TikTok, it’s now Gen Z leading the charge. Teen girls and women under 30 are newly obsessed with shapewear. Seeing cool young influencers try the products makes them far less “uncool” for younger audiences.

People of all ages, sizes, and body types wear shapewear for added confidence. But the types of pieces that suit your body and problem areas differ. For instance, postpartum moms may want tummy compression, while petite women want height enhancing lifts.

When should you wear shapewear?

Shapewear works for all manner of outfits, from casual everyday wear to formal wedding guest attire. Most choose to wear it under tight dresses, form-fitting jeans, pencil skirts, backless tops, and more. When you want a smooth silhouette, shapewear has you covered.

But many TikTokers caution that shapewear shouldn’t be worn for extended periods. Using it temporarily for a social media photoshoot or event are the ideal use cases. Anything over 4-6 hours can become uncomfortable. Stick to breathable cotton pieces if wearing daily.

Is shapewear safe?

When worn properly for reasonable periods of time, shapewear is perfectly safe. Compression helps stimulate blood flow and posture. But sizing down too much or wearing restrictive shapewear all day long frequently can contribute to acid reflux, heartburn, breathing issues, back pain, and skin irritation.

Avoid overly tight shapewear digging into flesh. Pieces with plastic boning can also be uncomfortable when sitting for too long. Experts don’t recommend sleeping in shapewear. Find the right balance of compression vs. comfort for your needs.

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