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The Benefits of Wearing S-SHAPER

Choose the highest quality fabrics to keep the S-SHAPER comfortable and breathable

Apply the most beautiful design to make S-SHAPER more supportive, docile and shapeable

We offer four key collections of products.

C Shape

Seamless high waist tommy control panties

Seamless for smooth skin touch

Reduced waistline and flattened stomach.

Firmed and flattened tummy control

Corrected structure for more confident posture


Surgical recovery full body bodysuit

Reinforced curvy force for butt, abdomen, waist and thighs

Breathable, smooth and quick-dry fabric for skin

Structural chest support design

Instant and maximum shape by 3-row hook & eye closure

T Shape

Slimming fat infrared fat burning mid-thigh panties

Far infrared and fat burning

Tummy control

Lifted and rounded rear

No ride up


Backless lace spandex 3/4 bodysuit

Reinforced curvy force for but, abdomen, waist and thighs.

Breathable, smooth and quick-dry fabric for skin

Chest support design and adjustable shoulder straps

Lace edge shows femininity

S-SHAPER is designed for not only post-surgery, but also for daily wear.

Work in Office with Colleagues

In the competitive working environment, wearing S-SHAPER shapewear can not only make you comfortable and unburdened, but also make your posture more upright and beautiful, showing a positive working state.

Because S-SHAPER is made of highly supportive and high-comfort fabrics, you can look taller and more elegant in the workplace.

You can enjoy a nice work time!

Work out in gym

In the passionate gym, sweat freely and happily with fitness coaches and friends. The comfortable S-SHAPER ventilates and wicks sweat, so that you will not feel hot and uncomfortable.

Because S-SHAPER is made of highly breathable fabrics, you can feel a little cool while wicking away sweat, no longer feel stuffy and hard to breathe.

Enjoy the joy of fitness!

S-Shape picture 3

Go Shopping with Friends

With your dear friends in the mall, in the street, in the shopping street, crazy shopping and crazy fun, S-SHAPER allows you to relax and enjoy beauty at the same time.

Because S-SHAPER is made of high-fit and high-comfort fabrics, allowing you to enjoy every moment of freedom and comfort throughout your day’s shopping.

Enjoy the happy time with your best friends!

Go to Important Banquet

Whether it’s an award ceremony or a wedding, use S-SHAPER in important banquets to make you more confident, beautiful and leisurely.

Because S-SHAPER uses high-support and high-comfort fabrics, allowing you to show the most beautiful curves among many beautiful women.

Enjoy the great banquet!

Go to Party with People

Enjoy dancing and playing on the dance floor, S-SHAPER makes your posture more beautiful and moving, allowing you to show the most beautiful dance postures with ease and joy, and shine in the crowd!

Because S-SHAPER uses high-comfort fabrics, you can sweat and relax your soul in a hot party. S-shaper allows you to enjoy the joy and make you always beautiful.

Enjoy your party time!