Brand Ethos and Value Proposition

You can be more beautiful!

Bring beauty and love to all women.

Grow with us and enjoy your best self!

Anny and Louis are a couple. They created S-SHAPER because of love and hoped to bring beauty and love to all women in the world.

Anny used to be an industrial designer and herunderstanding of curves and art shows you themost beautiful side.That Louis loves innovation andtechnology and technology brings the most comfortand freest side.

With the beauty and freedom provided by S-SHAPER, you can live your truest and most confident self.

You can join S-SHAPER girl community, and S-SHAPER wants to witness your growth and beauty. Grow with us and enjoy your best self!

Our Vision and Values: A Deep Dive into S-SHAPER's Foundations

S-SHAPER’s brand philosophy is rooted in the concepts of “love and beauty.” Founders Anny and Louis believe that every woman deserves to experience comfort, beauty, and freedom. This ethos is reflected not only in the design and functionality of our products but also in our corporate culture of respect, inclusion, and diversity. We are dedicated to creating a product line that showcases diversity and accentuates the unique beauty of every woman.

S-SHAPER upholds a culture of diversity and inclusion, encouraging innovative and diverse thinking within our team. Our product designs and marketing strategies are aimed at respecting and celebrating different body types, cultural backgrounds, and lifestyles.

Our Journey: The Evolution and Growth of S-SHAPER

S-SHAPER’s story began with the personal experiences of Anny and Louis. As new parents, their need for postpartum recovery and comfortable clothing inspired the creation of a new kind of shapewear brand. Their journey is not just about business success, but a pursuit to improve the life experiences of women.

From the challenges of the startup phase to the maturity of the brand, S-SHAPER has undergone comprehensive development in material selection, design innovation, and market expansion. Anny and Louis have personally traveled across China to find the most suitable materials and components, continually testing and improving their products to create what S-SHAPER is today.

Engaging the World: The Impact of Our Marketing Endeavors

S-SHAPER’s marketing activities focus on emphasizing the brand’s core values of comfort, beauty, and freedom. Our promotions go beyond traditional advertising, encompassing social media engagement, community building, and participation in charitable activities, establishing a genuine connection with our customers.

Our marketing activities have had a significant impact. These efforts have not only increased brand awareness, but also successfully built a loyal customer base. Positive customer feedback and growing community engagement validate the effectiveness of our promotional strategies.