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Who we Are

A shapewear brand created for love

Anny and Louis have ushered in a lovely new baby. While Anny is happy, Anny is also worried about her postpartum recovery because she wants to get back in shape as soon as possible. Compared with the discomfort and suffocation caused by traditional shapewear, she believes that every woman deserves a better life experience, so she wanted to create this brand to achieve comfort, beauty and freedom. Her idea coincides with her husband’s. Louis is very distressed for his wife’s pain during postpartum repair, but he has difficulty finding a very suitable product. He hopes that mothers in the world deserve the best care, so he strongly hopes to create this brand.

As “newbies” to the industry, they know they have a lot to learn. Although Anny was a new mom, she took time out of her day to learn and explore while her baby slept, and lost a lot of weight in two months. Louis felt sorry for Anny, but didn’t stop her because he knew her efforts were for the sake of more moms in the world to live happily. He was rarely able to truly relax and entertain himself, and even had to take time out of his business trip to meet his small outdoor sightseeing needs.

However, the birth of a product requires not only love and enthusiasm, but also continuous research and design. The couple traveled all over China in half a year, looking for the most suitable materials and supporting parts for plastic clothing. At the same time, they made the first model product after three months of layer-by-layer design, quality check, evaluation and comparison, and looking for women of different nationalities with different body shapes to try on and adjust.

Why our store is different…

Welcome to S-SHAPER – we are more than just a supplier, we are the starting point for every woman’s journey to confidence and comfort. At S-SHAPER, we believe that every woman has the right to look her best. Our story began with a simple but strong desire to bring better care and support to women around the world through innovation and passion.

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Meet Our founders

Anny: Creative Designer

Anny is an imaginative and creative industrial designer whose design philosophy is born from life and serves life. She is good at communicating with people, understanding and satisfying customers' needs, Anny puts her understanding and love of art into every S-SHAPER product, making them not only functional, but also adding an artistic sense of beauty to life.

Louis: The Van Gogh Technologist

Louis is a financial expert and outdoor enthusiast. His technical research and attention to detail, like Van Gogh's dedication and passion for his work, are the keys to his success, and Louis firmly believes that, like Van Gogh's sunflowers, continued passion and hard work is the path to excellence. In S-SHAPER, he ensures that each product meets the highest standards both financially and qualitatively, exemplifying his technical expertise and pursuit of beauty.

Corporate Core Values

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Respect is vital in our culture, fostering trust and positive relationships. We ensure everyone feels heard and valued, recognizing the importance of every voice and contribution in our team and customer base.

Products For Every Body

We design products for all body types, from XXS to 6XL. Our shapewear range is about inclusivity and style, allowing every individual to feel confident and express their unique charm.

Diverse Company

Our diverse team enriches our perspective and innovation. We embrace varied backgrounds and experiences, driving us to understand and cater to the needs of a diverse customer group.

See What Our Clients Say

Already business together for 5 years, good communicate, nice customized service, delivery goods on time.

Shohei Yamashita

I would like to point out that we are highly satisfied with the quality of your products, and we think that you have all the conditions to become a sound and long-lasting business partner.

Ricardo Di Blasi
United States

I received my products just as l had ordered them. The logo was just as l had sent. Quality was great!l just placed another order.

Tsanko Stoyanov