Brand Story

The brand was created for love

Anny and Louis have ushered in a lovely new baby. While Anny is happy, Anny is also worried about her postpartum recovery because she wants to get back in shape as soon as possible. Compared with the discomfort and suffocation caused by traditional shapewear, she believes that every woman deserves a better life experience, so she wanted to create this brand to achieve comfort, beauty and freedom. Her idea coincides with her husband’s. Louis is very distressed for his wife’s pain during postpartum repair, but he has difficulty finding a very suitable product. He hopes that mothers in the world deserve the best care, so he strongly hopes to create this brand.

As “newbies” to the industry, they know they have a lot to learn. Although Anny was a new mom, she took time out of her day to learn and explore while her baby slept, and lost a lot of weight in two months. Louis felt sorry for Anny, but didn’t stop her because he knew her efforts were for the sake of more moms in the world to live happily. He was rarely able to truly relax and entertain himself, and even had to take time out of his business trip to meet his small outdoor sightseeing needs.

However, the birth of a product requires not only love and enthusiasm, but also continuousresearch and design.The couple traveled allover China in half a year, looking for the most suitable materials and supporting parts for plastic clothing. At the same time, they made thefirst model product after three months of layer-by-layer design,quality check,evaluation and comparison, and looking for women ofdifferent nationalities with different body shapes to try on and adjust.

Know more about the two founders


Although they are a couple, the two lovers have completely different hobbies.

Louis is a financial expert who loves the outdoors. At the same time, he is a technical researcher and a detailer. Louis believes that passion and hard work are essential when doing something well, just like Van Gogh’s sunflowers are warm and bright, but Van Gogh’s diligent practice day after day is indispensable.

Know more about the two founders


Anny is an imaginative and creative industrial designer. While she loves art design, she is a perfect product seeker who likes to communicate with people. Anne believes that art and design originate from life and serve life. At the same time, art is the carrier of Anny’s pursuit of expressing her thoughts, and the existence of design
transforms her desire into a part of life, giving life a different artistic color and beauty. Two people with complementary strengths created the brand together.

Stick to Diversity

Corporate Core - Respect, Inclusion and Diversity

(Differentiated Employees and Differentiated Products)

  • Worldwide Differentiated Employees.
  • We are open to diversity in physical characteristics, cultures, lifestyles and management styles. This openness allows our team to be creative so that we can meet the needs of our global customers.
  • As a diverse company, we foster a strong culture of inclusion that respects the individuality of each employee. Diverse teams that operate in an inclusive environment have proven to be more successful, agile and responsive to changing consumer needs.

Corporate Core - Respect, Inclusion and Diversity

(Differentiated Employees and Differentiated Products)

  • Differentiated products: Our products are suitable for all body types.
  • As a diversified company, we treat every customer with care, and we design shapewear from XXS to 6XL sizes to meet the needs of different body shapes!
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S-COMMNITY is a multicultural community where people from different countries and regions of different shapes and sizes and cultures come together to present our own needs, and where we can also share our stories, happy, sad, exciting and exhilarating stories, because this is our home.

Philosophy of S-SHAPER Community

Initiated by Our Users

We work with our S-SHAPER community to create a wonderful experience together. We develop our own breathable technology and create the most beautiful design to achieve a comfortable,
supportive, docile and shapeable outcome for all.

You can simply wear it for different occasions, either leisure time or office hours. You can enjoy?more and your life can be easier.