The Brief History of Shapewear

Achieving one’s ideal figure was quite a challenge. Fortunately, modern fabrics and fashion innovations would produce an entire industry of shapewear that allowed women to adjust their figures in almost any way they wanted.

As the beauty standards for women change drastically through the years, shapewear changes with it. If you’re interested in learning more about these garments, follow S-Shaper to read on to know more about how the shapewear we know today came to be.

16th Century

The earliest record of shapewear can be traced back to ancient Greece around the 16th century. Women wrapped special belts to constrict the stomach and created very tight undergarments that would accentuate the waist, hips, and breasts. In some of these primeval cultures, this type of figure was supposed to symbolize virginity and fertility.

We also can see from the artwork from this period, it suggests that Minoan, or Cretan, women would use corsetry to push their breasts up and to bring in their waist, giving a strong emphasis on female curves.

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Developments in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries

In the medieval era, women frequently wore dress-like pieces as well as incorporating bodices to tighten the waist and bolden the chest.

In the Victorian Era, the hourglass figure became the ideal. The desired look for a woman’s body was a big bust and a tiny waist. Women of the time forced themselves into corsets to mold their figures to fit the beauty standard. The corsets of this time were made from steel or whalebone and were covered in heavy canvas. This combination created an extreme hourglass shape and required assistance to get into. 

Typically, women would have to lie down on the floor and have someone put a foot on their back while they simultaneously pulled the corset strings as tight as they would go. Long-term use would lead to deformities in bone structure, among other issues.

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Modern Times

As time progressed in modern times, shapewear is no longer one-size-fits-all. Professional shapewear manufacturers like S-shaper can provide various shapewears from XXS to 6XL sizes to complement any type of body and dozens of shaping garments and even hybrids that combine different types of shapewear into one seamless piece. 

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You can check the detailed list of all types of shapewears we can provide:

This shows that today’s fashion industry has grown more inclusive of all people rather than mostly favoring those with figures that are already thin, to begin with.

In contrast to olden body-shapers, women can take advantage of modern shaping garments to take their fashion game to the next level all without sacrificing their health and well-being.

In conclusion, you can directly and clearly check the development history of the shapewear from the below picture:

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As a professional shapewear manufacturer, S-shaper is specialized in the design and production of comfortable shapewears to bring beauty and freedom to all women. You can know more about us via

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