One day WalkingTour in Shenzhen, where should i go?

Foreigners in shenzhen Recommend

TOP 1: SEA WORLD SHENZHEN (First station)— A nightlife place loved by foreign friends | 4K China Walk

Feeling the fusion of architecture and sea

Walk around Sea World Plaza

Sea Word Culture and Arts Center

“Sea World” was originally a luxury cruise ship built by France, formerly known as Anceveller. It was built by the famous Werner Atlantic shipyard in France. The ship is 9 floors high, 168m long, 21m wide and 14000 tons of displacement. The Sea World project consists of “Minghua Ship” and “Sea World Plaza”.

Sea World, an international coastal new city with everything you need. As China Merchants Group’s 60 billion reconstruction of New Shekou, the Sea World has a total construction area of 1 million square meters, integrating “business office, leisure and entertainment, catering and shopping, hotels, vacations, residences, culture and art, etc.”. The new projects include : The 211-meter-high landmark building China Merchants Plaza, the second phase of the financial center, the second phase of the Prince Plaza, 3 Grade A office buildings, high-end hotel-style apartments and high-end residential projects, a culture and art center designed by architect Fumihiko Maki, Hilton The hotel, Sea World Plaza and Binhai Park, etc., as well as the refurbishment of Minghua Ferry, are already completed before 2015.

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