Quality is key! 🔑🌟
At S-shaper, our #quality control standards are much higher than the industry standards since we are subject to various and complicated testing procedures, including corporate testing, washing testing, outdoor inspection, real people fitting, etc.
The test items include 600 times repeated hooking test, 1000 times stretching test, 14400 times pilling test and so on to check whether the material is broken, deformed, shrunken, twisted, warped, uneven edge, hooking, yarn removal, or pilling. Moreover, before the official launch, the shapewear from S-shaper will go through dozen rounds of optimization and be tried on by at least 100 real people for 1 month before mass production.
Quality inspection determines the quality of shapewear and is throughout the whole production process to ensure the quality.
Know more about us👉www.s-shaper.com
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